The Age of Adaline (2015)

You know when you make your daily pilgrimage to to watch the new movie trailers, and there is always one on the list that makes you say, “OMG. So help me God, I am going to see this movie?” Well, last fall , the trailer for The Age of Adaline got me so excited I forced three of my closest co-workers to watch it.

The ever-beautiful Blake Lively playing a woman who doesn’t age?! Come on. It’s a no-brainer.

First things first (I’m the, jk) this movie is good. It’s cute yet heart-wrenching at times which, I find, can sometimes be a difficult balance to maintain without making the viewer feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster (like every episode of Grey’s Anatomy ever). The movie maintains that balance gracefully. You’re smiling, you’re crying. It’s great.

Meeting and getting to know the lovely Adaline felt like an honor. She definitely felt like an older woman trapped in a younger woman’s body. Her clothing in the present day looked like a modern day take on clothing women in their early to mid-forties would wear in the 1940s and 1950s. She wore muted colors and modest hemlines. Nothing low cut. Very modest.

Her makeup was never overdone–except for the in 1960s portion of the film. But, that gets a pass simply because that’s how makeup was done back then. If you don’t believe just look it up. Make up was fierce in the 60s.

On to the lovely couple…

Adaline and Ellis are such great characters, but they never seemed like star-crossed lovers. And, that’s a good thing. Their love is normal–excluding the supernatural elephant in the room. They have fun. He makes her laugh. She makes him smile. You can tell he loves her more with every kiss, giggle and grin. But, neither of them feels like they tripped and fell in love. The love they share grew, and they both made choices to foster it. They both took chances; Adaline more so than Ellis.

Michael Huisman as Ellis Jones is charming and handsome (not hot…handsome). He exudes class as well as humility. One might say he is an old soul, but compared to Adaline, he’s a baby. But, he’s a good match for her. He has a love of history, and she is history incarnate.

And one cannot review this movie without mentioning Harrison Ford’s performance as William Jones, Ellis’ Father and Adaline’s former lover. He was immaculate–but then again what else would you expect from such a cinematic juggernaut?

All in all, director Lee Toland Krieger and writers J. Mills Godloe and Salvador Paskowitz crafted a beautiful romance with a supernatural twist that, despite the garbled science mumbled by the narrator to explain Adaline’s immortality, does not disappoint.

I give this movie 3 out of 4 stars

It’s one I plan to own once it’s out on BluRay. So, when I need to just watch two people choose to love each other despite the obstacles in their way (no matter how far fetched they may be), I can have this on standby.


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